Monday, January 30, 2006

My Son Has Changed My Life

Sure, every father has experienced this but there is no real substiute for first hand experience. My son, Owen, was born 5 months ago and continues to amaze me how he exhibits the personality traits of my wife and I, albeit in seed form. God has been so merciful to me to give me the gift of a son; a certain blessing that has truly come from the Lord Jesus Christ, risen and exalted in heaven, ruling and reigning on the throne appointed to Him by God Almighty. I know that all I have in this life has come as a result of the work of Jesus Christ, without whom I would be a lost sinner, destined to meet the Judge of the Universe on the Final Day. Wonderful, merciful Savior! Thank you for my son. Thank you God for Your Son, given up to ransom me from my sin debt! Amen.

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