Monday, January 28, 2008

A Story I Wrote In 3rd Grade

Here are the meanderings of a 9 year old mind...This is verbatim from a handwritten (in faltering cursive) story I recently found in my memory book. I have left all typos intact to preserve literary faithfulness.

One day I foud out that the front tire of my bike was gone. And yet, it was still standing up. I walked up to it. I tried to touch it. There was nothing there. That puzzled me. I went in the house for a drink of juice and started pouring. 
Nothesing came out. I looked inside it. There was a martian in it. The next moments were black. Then I was in a spaceship looking down at my house Then I was back by my bike. The martian was there. He said "Zotz sorry for stealing round thing. Me no mean any harm to round thing." Thats O.K. I said, Then I shook hands with Him. Then he dissappeared. And I went on my way in the World.

The end

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