Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just like them...

I am 38. I am a firefighter in Los Angeles. Since the shifts I work are 24 hours long, it is necessary for all of the guys in the station to eat together. Today, during lunch, we watched "I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry", a comedy about two guys who pretend to be gay. All the usual things happened, including guys dressing as girls and talking about "sucking something" on each other, girls with hot bodies with far to little clothes displaying themselves for our viewing, the obligatory "dropped soap in the shower" scene, and the usual christian bashing in the form of "protesters" shouting at gays, telling them there going to hell, wearing dumb t-shirts with religious slogans on them, etc. As the part were the "chick with the most awesome body" begins to have one of the guys assess wether or not her boobs are real, all of the guys turned there chairs and heads, readying themselves for the "moment".


I got up to do the dishes.


Why were my ears burning as I had my back to the TV and the other 6 guys did not?


What else should I have done?


Why is it that the guy who is trying, and sometimes that's all I do, to avoid sexual immorality appears to be the weirdo, while everyone else is "normal"?


It is a difficult thing.


I can only try to live a pure life but it is the least I can do in light of what Jesus did when He denied Himself and submitted to the agony of the cross for my sexual immorality.


I hope that I am able to be gracious to these guys, as I am just like them in my heart.



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