Saturday, February 13, 2010

Update on my 2010 resolutions

As far as reading my Bible every day, I have not succeeded in that endeavor. However, I have read it quite a bit and am learning not to feel guilty if I miss a day or 4. Usually I just rest in the cross if I start worrying that I haven't read my Bible and get concerned that God is not going to like me if I don't read it. What has been good is that I have been reading large portions of Scripture when I do sit down to read. I am reading 15-20 chapters from 4 different books in the Bible so there is a larger amount of intake and this has been a blessing to me. I think the only way I will be more consistent is to ensure that I read the Bible as soon as I wake up. It's not that the time of day is more spiritual; it's just that mornings are usually the slowest part of my day and are relatively free of distractions.

I have been speaking more kindly to my wife, as of late. It seems that in the last month or so things that bothered me greatly in the past are now not so much of a big deal. I realize that it is best not to "react to her response" as it applies to any number of situations. In the past, when we failed to communicate clearly and got offended, I would flip out and that only caused the situation to compound, resulting in hours, if not days, of not "getting along". God has given me grace lately to not react to offense as I used to. I still need to improve alot in this area. One other thing I have realized is that my wife just needs to get out sometimes alone...without me. I've been trying to make sure she gets these times of solitary refreshment.

As far as reading to Owen, I have done pretty well. I have read to him most every night that we have been home and gone through our normal "getting ready for bed" routine. One thing that I have started doing besides simply reading to him is using the K-4 curriculum that we own from aBeka and teaching him how to read using the series of Little Owl books that is part of this curriculum. He loves them and really is excited to be able to read simple words and 2 word sentences. I have seen fruit from my efforts as we go about our day as he points out various words that he has seen or is curious about.

As far as finding a church, I am still in the process. We have been going to a really good church lately and are very encouraged by the work of God in our life as a result of being joined to this body of believers. I am very hopeful for the future and what it may hold for us here at this new church.

I am almost done with the first song for my worship album. It will probably take all year for me to record it all. I'm aiming for 10 or 11 songs and it will up on my Facebook page as I finish each song. I'll post the first one in the near future.

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