Friday, April 29, 2011

A Poem In Praise Of The Trinity-For my wonderful mother, one fine December evening...

Praise to the Godhead

Inherent power, union of three and yet One

Marvelous terror

Worlds held in balance, governing planets and suns

Stars in the heavens

Raging with glory, bow at the sight of His face

Let all the heavens

Let all the nations, bring Him the merited praise

Glory to Yahweh

Vast is His power, those who believe He recieves

Love to His people

Has no known boundaries, great is their sorrow relieved

Blessed be Jesus

Highest in merit, bearing my sins before God

Who could accomplish

What He has finished? All of my guilt is now gone

Praise to the Spirit

Bringer of comfort, moving with power and grace

Capturing sinners

Conquering rebels, fitting them to see His face

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