Thursday, May 26, 2005

Atheist Factories

Just finished a 4 hour standby at Jefferson High School for a school riot involving hundreds of students. There were at least 40 armed police officers in riot gear who set up a perimeter in front of the school as they systematically emptied the classrooms and escorted the students outside. I was part of the medical command team on standby in the event that there was a "flare up", as the officers called it, of hostilities between the students. It was very saddening to me as a future father to consider the hundreds of students in their teens that filed past me. They all looked completely lost. As if they had no idea what they are supposed to be doing with their lives. At least 30% of the students appeared to still be agitated to the degree that they were ready to fight again and the tension in the area was palpable. I thought it strikingly ironic that during the mass exodus of students from the campus the ROTC color guard came out to lower the American and Californian flags. This occurred at about 2:00 pm and was accompanied by the usual flag folding ceremony which was guarded by the LAPD riot police. It was almost as if the school was surrendering; it had enough and was giving up. The Nation of Islam had its 5 representatives there in all of their fine threads denouncing LAPD, acting as if they were appalled at the way these students were behaving, and trying to turn the whole event into a political action theater. These students are to be pitied, having grown up in a lawless culture that gives licence to more and more lawlessness. Many of the families in the area where I work do not have any father present, and if they do, he is not functioning as the servant/leader/head of the family. As a consequence there is no context for the children to learn their social responsibilities, respect for authority, and the integral way in which they are becoming the fabric our society is woven into. The kids are farmed out to day care and then government schools which have no authority to discipline them when they break the rules. Our public schools have become atheist factories since a knowledge of the One True Living God and His Law is not taught at all. There is no ultimate real accountability for personal actions taught in school. Instead the "be all you can be" mentality reigns supreme in the public school system. God is not mocked. I witnessed it today. When a school system ignores the Truth, the God of the Truth responds by leaving them to their foolishness and abandoning them to their attempts to live life without real abiding principles. As Christians we should both preach on our feet against the foolishness of this age and then weep on our knees as we see the judgement that is sure to follow a wholesale ignorance of God and His ways. May God have mercy on our teens. May He bring revival to their lost souls. May the peddlers of destruction and the lovers of atheism be confounded and brought to their senses. And may Jesus Christ be praised, even at Jefferson High School in South Central Los Angeles.

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