Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Difficulties With Superiors At Work

As of late I have had a number of difficult events with my Captain. One in particular was when I was "cussed out" at 2am for being late responding on a call. Granted I should not be late, especially since my job involves responding to emergencies (or supposed emergencies). However, I was not afforded the opportunity to explain what had happened or to offer a solution for avoiding the circumstances in the future. I find my sinful heart rising up in these circumstances and my partner, who is not a Christian, is all to willing to provide fuel for the fire. I have been studying the 5th commandment lately from the Westminster Confession and in question #127 regarding the duties of inferiors to superiors there is a phrase that reads "...bearing with their infirmities and covering them in love..." Here is the rub: In order for me to obey God and glorify Him, there are times when I must endure injustice, whether percieved or real. Basically that means that I can't complain to my wife, start a "session" of complaining with my partner, or act in a manner towards my captain that would give any indication that I disrespect him or his position. That is not easy to do when your ears are ringing, so to speak. Any comments?

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