Friday, May 13, 2005

The "Sore Thumb" Theory

Just finished talking to the JW's. (Watchtower Followers) I was reminded that their are many lost people in this world who do not believe the truth. A couple of things that I remembered to do: Use the King James Version in dealing with them since they recognize this as authoritative; be endearing, that is, remember that they are lost and believe heresy and, therefore, need a Savior; remind them of the "witness" of history, namely that in Webster dictionary the heresy they embrace regarding the nature of Jesus has already been defined and identified as error in the 14th century. This heresy was called Arianism, after Arius who wrongly taught that Jesus was different in substance with God and that His glory and power were not equal with God. I like to use the "sore thumb" theroy with the JW's. It goes like this: There are many religions in this world. Every one of them has some different idea about the nature of Jesus. Some say a good man, some say a good example, and others say "a" god. But..............Christians, that is, historic and orthodox Christians have always contended that Jesus was God (Jehovah) and that He was the same in substance, equal in power and glory with God. We stick out like a sore thumb on this point. Kind of like if you smashed your thumb and it is painful and pulsating and you are trying not to yell...

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